Self-storage units for your business

When your business requires extra archive space or you need an additional place to keep your stock, a self-storage unit is an affordable and convenient solution. This flexible option allows you to easily access your items 7 days a week and offers high levels of security with fob access and 24 hour CCTV cameras.

Commercial Storage
Self-storage for business:

  • Online seller storage
  • Office archive space
  • Excess or seasonal stock storage
  • Document storage
  • Office relocation storage
  • Distribution hub
  • Order fulfilment
  • Exhibition or event storage
  • Old office furniture or equipment storage

Document Storage
Filing cabinets filled with orders, invoices, contracts and employee records, all take up valuable office space. Businesses must legally keep important documents for a minimum of six years. A self-storage unit allows companies to declutter and archive their paperwork, freeing up precious workspace.

Tradesperson Storage
Self-storage units can be used to store tools or equipment for tradespeople such as plumbers or electricians, who require extra space or want the security of keeping tools in the storage unit rather than in their van. Racking and shelving can be fitted inside the unit to organise tools and materials.

Seasonal Storage
Businesses which have seasonal peaks, such as at Christmas time, would benefit from self-storage as an effective solution for their stock as they approach high demand periods. Self-storage units are a much cheaper alternative to renting office or warehouse space which are under-utilised for many months of the year, require a long-term commitment and huge fixed costs in terms of lease payments, infrastructure and security. Self-storage units offer flexible, short-term, or tailored contracts depending on your commercial requirements, and enable businesses to rapidly respond to fluctuations in demand efficiently.

Online Sellers
Small ecommerce businesses such as eBay sellers soon run out of space when storing their stock at home. Self-storage offers an ideal solution which allows small businesses to grow at a pace that is affordable.

Office Relocation
Moving offices can be very disruptive and items can get lost or damaged in the process. Utilising a self-storage unit during office relocation means that business can continue uninterrupted, workmen have more space to get the job done quickly, and your inventory remains clean, safe and secure until your new office is ready.

Benefits of self-storage for business

  • Flexible contracts
  • Change unit size as required
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy access 7 days a week
  • High levels of security
  • Long or short term lets
  • Security gated with key fob access
  • Ventilated, waterproof and secure steel containers
  • High security locks
  • Easy access for loading and unloading
  • Down-size your office space
  • Work from home
  • Store your inventory

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At Easton Lodge Storage, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to solve your business storage needs. Call us today for further information on our self-storage units.

Self storage – Advantages of Secure Storage Units

Storage units provide several security benefits. Usually people use storage units as a place to store their possessions, however, they are useful for archiving and temporary moves too. There are several security benefits and your goods remain protected from the weather, fire and prying eyes! Sensitive/confidential documents can be stored worry free as units provide accessibility to the authorised personnel only. A good unit will solve your residential and commercial security problems.

Theft & burglary
Some sites have very sophisticated security measures in order to keep goods safe. Important documents can be stored indefinitely and free space at home or the office but more importantly, the CCTV will keep a watchful eye on your belongings. By storing your items in a storage unit, you can be sure that your items are locked away securely – and give you peace of mind.

Protection from natural disasters
It isn’t possible to protect your belongings 100% from the natural disasters, but storage units have advanced security features that can help. Containers in particular provide great protection from flying objects during a storm.

Why Easton Lodge Storage?
Here at Easton Lodge Storage we’ve been providing flexible and cost-effective domestic & commercial storage with comprehensive safety and security measures. If your office or store is overflowing with stock, tools, machinery or archive documents, let us assist you with your storage needs across Stamford. Storing your goods at Easton would provide you the following benefits:

  • Open 7 days a week
  • 24 hour recorded CCTV with monitored mobile phone surveillance
  • Ventilated waterproof and secure steel containers
  • 20ft x 8ft container, internal dimensions 19ft 3in x 7ft 7in
  • 10ft x 8ft container, internal dimensions 9ft 2in x 7ft 7in

Storage in Oakham to Fit Everyone’s Needs

Easton Lodge offers domestic and commercial customers flexible storage solutions that fit all budgets. The company is continuously looking at its business model to ensure that they provide a clean, easy to use facility for all your needs. A storage unit can play an essential role for anyone who needs to free up some space in a commercial or residential property.

Easton Lodge has the 24 hour recorded CCTV, so you need not worry about your belongings. We provide safe and secure services in Oakham and surrounding areas at very competitive rates.

Storage for homeowners

Homeowners who are selling their homes have an easy overflow option at Easton Lodge, and can use the space on a long or short terms basis.

Sometimes sellers have to move into temporary accommodation before they can move in to their new abode. In such cases they might need to store the furniture, clothes, linen, sports equipment, bikes, boats or gardening equipment, and Easton can help you manage this tricky process. We offer long and short term lets for the homeowners at very competitive rates.

Storage for businesses

If you run a business in Oakham and you don’t have sufficient space, self storage is definitely an option we would advise. Our self storage services can free up valuable trading and manufacturing space by moving surplus stock, low demand consumables or maybe archive files into our low cost secure storage facility. You can take one of our flexible short term leases to store building materials and equipment for nearby projects too.

Office and sole traders storage

If your office is spilling over with documents or equipment, you start to feel like you are drowning and cannot work efficiently! Using a storage unit is a great way to free up more space in the office.

Some sole traders find it hard to hire additional space to work, so they often try to work from home. Easton Lodge provides the opportunity for you to use storage instead of home to be more productive.

Plan your move

Self storage can be a brilliant problem solver when one moves. There are a variety of reasons for a change like moving to another home, downsizing your house to an apartment or maybe going from a rental property to your own new house. If you are loading items yourself always adhere to safety precautions. If your budget allows, hire an experienced contractor for lifting goods. This could not only save you a potential injury, but they tend to pack and label things more efficiently saving time and money.

Organising your goods is first step when you are planning to move. Always ensure items can not get damaged, move or roll while moving. Packing is not difficult but using space properly, labelling, and thinking about which items you will need to access whilst in storage needs a little more thought. If you don’t have the time / inclination then hire a removal company and ask them to store the goods in a good self storage facility near you.

Load goods Safely
Managing heavy items yourself can be dangerous and requires more than one person to load items safely. Get as much help as you can to minimise the risk of injury.

If you are moving and need advice on good, clean, safe and accessible self storage, call us on 01780 693024 .