Plan your move

Self storage can be a brilliant problem solver when one moves. There are a variety of reasons for a change like moving to another home, downsizing your house to an apartment or maybe going from a rental property to your own new house. If you are loading items yourself always adhere to safety precautions. If your budget allows, hire an experienced contractor for lifting goods. This could not only save you a potential injury, but they tend to pack and label things more efficiently saving time and money.

Organising your goods is first step when you are planning to move. Always ensure items can not get damaged, move or roll while moving. Packing is not difficult but using space properly, labelling, and thinking about which items you will need to access whilst in storage needs a little more thought. If you don’t have the time / inclination then hire a removal company and ask them to store the goods in a good self storage facility near you.

Load goods Safely
Managing heavy items yourself can be dangerous and requires more than one person to load items safely. Get as much help as you can to minimise the risk of injury.